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3/27/2019 · Asperger syndrome (AS) is a developmental disorder. It is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of neurological conditions characterized by a greater or lesser degree of impairment in language and communication skills, as well as … more


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Aspergers Dating Site is an Online Dating Community for Singles with Asperger's Syndrome. Our Goal is to Make Your Dating Interaction Comfortable, Pleasant and Nice! Create a Free Profile and Meet Caring, Good Looking and Cute Women and Men Who Understand You and Want to Have a Date! more


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8. Everyone needs a social life, and a single parent of a youngster with Aspergers is no exception. In addition to caring for your son or daughter, you may be working full time, meeting the needs of your other kids, and taking care of the home, which leaves you little free time. more


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6/22/2014 · R - Recognize the feelings of loneliness. Instead of judging your loneliness (for example, I've often said to myself, though not consciously, "I feel so alone, there's no one out there who truly more


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6/12/2019 · Undiagnosed Aspergers Signs And Symptoms In Adults. Better than average skills the people with Asperger may have high intelligence. There are many adults out there who are on the spectrum but have never been diagnosed, so here in this article “Undiagnosed Aspergers in adults symptoms!” you will explore the signs and symptoms of autism in adults as well as all the benefits of … more


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3/13/2019 · That is not an insurmountable problem. We work with what we have, and a diagnosis, either way, doesn’t depend upon any one piece of the assessment process. I have had many cases where I was able to conclude with confidence whether the person had Asperger’s without seeing one single piece of written evidence about that person’s past. more


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5/5/2020 · There is no single known cause of ASD. It is likely that there are many causes, including genetics and environmental factors. more


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Aspergers UK. 2.6K likes. This page is for anyone who is wanting to understand Asperger's as well as for undiagnosed and diagnosed Aspies. Everyone can more


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Undiagnosed Aspergers Signs And Symptoms In Adults! more


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I'm going to be single forever. Close. 40. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. btw i dont have a diagnosis yet but several psychiatrist's have said i have a mild to severe form of aspergers and due to being in the UK and NHS being in a state of crisis it looks like i wont get a diagnosis for atleast another 2 years. But yeah dont more



Depends on your ability to learn adaptive responses. I have been happily married to someone with Aspergers for many years. He has indicated, as has another relative who also has Aspergers, that they feel like actors at times but have been able to more


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aus verschiedenen Anslässen nach Männern suchen. »Registriere dich und stelle Kontakte zu diesen Frauen kostenlos her oder nutze den kostenpflichtigen Service für Kontakte »ohne Anmeldung , um sie kennenzulernen. more


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11/29/2012 · I am a 27 year old single woman with three kids. I work two jobs and study. I also have Aspergers. It isnt diagnosed, mainly because when I was at school i was just labelled as naughty or an enigma… my dad has aspergers and my brother is autistic so as he has been diagnosed it has made more sense in my life… more


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That is the whole point of Aspergers, although I slightly disagree when it comes to dating. People with Aspergers have difficulty of communicating with others and they don't know how to express themselves. My brother with Aspergers is only sociable with those who he can relate to and he would like a girlfriend. more


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Aspergers Single For Life doch einfach mal Ihr schönstes Lächeln und erhalten Sie viele nette Nachrichten von Singles auf Ihre Kleinanzeigen zurück. Unser Portal soll Herzen miteinander verbinden und aus Aspergers Single For Life Einsamkeit Zweisamkeit machen. more


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3/21/2021 · Welcome to Autism Forums, a friendly forum to discuss Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, High Functioning Autism and related conditions. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to get access to the following site features: Reply to discussions and create your own threads. Our modern chat room. more